Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Is Here!

I don't know about you, but I feel like this summer just flew by.  One minute I'm decorating for the Fourth of July, and the next minute everyone's going back to school, my Pinterest home page is full of Halloween costumes, and the Dollar Tree has one shelf with Christmas ornaments - yes, really.  It doesn't help that it's been in the mid- to high-90s all month.  So it's been hard to feel okay about the season change.

One thing that does help me get in the fall spirit is fall decorations!  I am not big on the colors red, yellow, and orange in general, but put them on maple leaves and pumpkins and I love them.  And so far I've spent less than $10 on decorations thanks to garage sales, the Dollar Tree, and Hallmark downsizing.

When our Hallmark closed this year they sold all their store decorations for really cheap (except their Christmas trees were not so cheap).  I bought several bags of fall foliage for a few bucks each and made a second Fall Leaf Garland for our living room hutch.  I don't think it looks as full as the other one, but it looks.  

I really love Subway Art.  I got this one from Hopscotch Studio Designs blog.  I print stuff like this on card stock so it'll last longer.

I love this little pumpkin candle holder ($8 from Walmart two years ago).  I put floralytes in them so I don't have to worry about burning my apartment down when they're on a shelf like this.  Also, this picture displays our awesome hardbound edition of the Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the cool bookends my brother got us for Christmas last year. 

This pumpkin candle smells great (I think $5 from Walmart two years ago).

More shots of our fancy books.  Several of them are actually from the Goodwill store in Benton, Arkansas (you have not been to a Goodwill store until you've been to that one, or one equally huge).  The Sherlock Holmes anthology is from Barnes and Noble, and it's terribly edited.  Probably at least one typo per page, but fortunately most of them are minor enough that it doesn't interfere with comprehension.

A close-up of my new leaf garland, plus our salt covenant display from our wedding.  Don't spend $40 per bottle on the same merchandise you can stick a letter in and throw in the ocean.  Check out local stores that sell housewares - these were less than $20 each in a little downtown store (can't remember the exact amount - I want to say $16).

I found this totally cute project on Pinterest.  And no, mine isn't as awesome as the one in the tutorial, but I made mine with whatever leaves and flowers I had on hand, so it cost basically nothing.

This is a Dollar Tree vase that I spray painted (not very well) white.  The sticks are from an elm tree in my mom's neighborhood shortly after a major storm (we're talking tropical storm-strength winds).

My husband and I love this little angel I found at a yard sale.  It says "Heaven helps those who cannot help themselves."

Our kitchen hutch, newly repainted.

Another printable, this one from The Creative Paige.

I also put up my sunflower ribbon wreath, but it is looking a little pale, partly because the ribbon patterns I used are kind of transparent.  So I may be updating it or creating a totally new wreath soon - not sure yet.

Anyway, so after doing all this I am starting to get excited about the new season!

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