Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hutch Paint Job

One of the downsides to living in an apartment is being stuck with all white walls. I don't have anything against white per se, but I have two white hutches in our living area, and I had a lot of white and glass stuff up for summer decor, and after a while it was just too much.

I've seen a few people on Pinterest who covered the inside of a hutch with wallpaper or painted the inside yellow, and I thought that looked nice but I didn't want to buy wallpaper.  I also think yellow is super cute but it wouldn't go with anything.  So I went with a greenish blue because we have a lot of that in our apartment.

I kind of wish I'd gone with a lighter blue, but when you're mixing the colors yourself it's hard to get exactly what you want.  If I decide I don't like it I'll just buy a small can of the exact shade I want.

I also wasn't sure if I would like the blue with my fall colors, but actually I think the contrast of blue and orange is nice and vibrant. I wish I had something else to paint the inside of but my other hutch is open in the back.  But now I'm excited for fall!


  1. I like that color blue with brown (shelves). I really like the white vases with the sticks in them too.

  2. I love the depth that the color adds to the hutch! great job!