Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cute Ballet Crafts

As a ballet teacher, summer for me means workshops.  One of my favorite workshops is the one I do for young children.  I call it the Fairytale Ballet Workshop!  it's 90 minutes for 3-5 year olds and 2 hours for 6-8 year olds - during that time we have ballet class (pre-ballet for the younger ones), learn a short dance, make a craft, read a ballet-themed story, and have a snack.  It's just a week long, and on Friday I invite parents to come watch their kids dance!  It's a big hit.  This year I'm also adding a Princess Ballet workshop (same thing but with different crafts and stories - we did fairy crafts at the Fairytale workshop)

One of my friends asked me about the crafts I'm making, so I decided to put each craft up here so other people can try them.  It will take me a while to post my own tutorials but here's a list to start, and links to tutorials that already exist elsewhere.

1. Crepe Paper Streamer
2. Tissue Paper Rose (Flower Fairy Wand)
3. Paper Plate Fairy Mask
4. Tissue Carnation Corsage
5. Invitation to Ballet Class
6. Paper Plate Fairy Wings
7. Princess Hat
8. Ballerina Handprint Art
9. Princess Tiara (pipe cleaners offer endless possibilities - instead of a tutorial I've linked to Pinterest search results)
10. Ballerina Finger Puppet
11. Ballerina Tutu Card
12. Princess Fan
13. Tutu Candy Holder (I've linked a tutorial but mine is a little different; I'll make my own instructions)

I've included links to tutorials I found on other websites.

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