Saturday, June 20, 2015

And He Went Into A Desert Place

By Justin Hanvey

I never understood why desert places would be places of peace or rejuvenation. They're hot, barren, featureless. But they're also quiet, tranquil and strangely beautiful. When you've spent the last three days on edge, fighting traffic and arguing about many things cause you're both so stressed out, a barren quiet drive for 6 hours through desert is just what you need. You get to breathe again and forget the woes of the last couple days. In the film Inside Out you learn that it's okay to be sad and I know not just us but many are experiencing grief and sadness this past week, lamenting the murders in Charleston. I think it's okay to need the desert. Even Jesus needed the desert, a place of retreat to step away from the madness and refill. I sat this morning and we thought about whether we wanted to turn around but I'm glad we chose instead to go into the desert place. 

More on that like pictures and stuff later. We are partly to Phoenix now and Naomi is driving and when you touch the windows you can feel the heat. 

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