Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 10: Forces of Nature

Today's Distance: 510 miles
Total Distance: 3600 miles
Today's Destinations:  UFO Museum, Roswell, NM; San Antonio, TX

Roswell was a late addition to our itinerary, as I mentioned yesterday, but it's more-or-less on the way to San Antonio from Santa Fe.  Main Street is pretty much a tourist trap, with several UFO-themed gift stores, alien-decorated restaurants, and even alien-eyed street lights.


The so-called International UFO Museum and Research Center mostly focuses, of course, on the events of July 1947 that some people still believe was an extraterrestrial landing the government hushed up (or rather, has failed miserably to hush up, or else why would there be a museum about it?).  It also documents other reports of alien abductions, UFO sightings, and things of that nature.  Interestingly, it also provides information about IFOs, or flying objects that have been identified as camera movement during time-lapse photography, eclipses, model aircraft, a hat thrown in the air, or even a hubcab thrown in the air.  These images look strikingly similar to the photographic evidence of UFOs thirty feet away.

UFA sighting (Unidentified Flying Apostrophe)

I'm not saying I absolutely believe there is no life on other planets.  I just think a society advanced enough to travel light years to another planet would probably be smart enough to avoid a collision in what is possibly the flattest area of the country I've ever seen; and that for all the claims of government threatening to kill people for speaking up about what they saw at Roswell, the museum exposing said government conspiracy appears to be perfectly undisturbed by the military facility roughly three blocks away.  They had some nice-looking models and things though.

a model of a saucer crashing into Roswell.  To be fair, there is a bit of a hill there.  

From there, it was a long drive to San Antonio, Texas.  During this time we saw a lot of storm clouds (which for a few moments had me wondering if New Mexico gets tornadoes).  We hadn't seen a drop of rain this whole trip, and the car was starting to look like it had driven through 3000 miles of country without a drop of rain.  So I was pretty excited when we finally did drive through a cloud burst, hoping the car would get wet enough to look at least a little cleaner.  Unfortunately, shortly after the cloud burst, we drove through Pecos, Texas, perhaps the dustiest and windiest piece of real estate I've ever encountered.  By then our car was sporting some lovely brown racing stripes.  I got hopeful once again when we parked at the hotel and it started raining; unfortunately, San Antonio rain is something like Moses Lake rain, in that it lasted about 30 seconds and then quit.  So now our car bears both stripes and polka-dots, which I think is a little flashy.

We changed time zones again, so although it's 8:30 Central Time, my brain and body have no idea what time it is apart from dinner time.  Therefore, I am now going to eat a gyro from Uncle Vinnie's Pizzeria, an "Italian" place that serves "Greek" food with a side of fries.  I don't care what it is though. I'm hungry.

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