Sunday, June 21, 2015

Justin's Birthday and Reflections on Traveling, Marriage, and Life

Today is Justin's birthday! We're going to see the Grand Canyon today, which we're really excited about.  I'm also a little scared, because while I love nature and the outdoors and cool geological features, I am not so good with heights or cliffs or ledges.  I'll let you know if I pass out at any point today.

Justin and I met over 9 years ago, so sometimes it feels like we've known each other forever. We did a lot of growing up at college and in the years after, so I've watched Justin mature emotionally and spiritually.  We've helped each other grow and we've been there for each other during some difficult times - my parents' divorce, his grandmother's failing health, the difficulties of school and work and life.

I was thinking about this yesterday in light of our road trip.  It's been a lot of fun so far, but it's also been really stressful.  We're doing things neither of us is comfortable doing in order for both of us to continue moving forward.  One example is driving.  Neither of us likes driving in traffic, and in the last few days we've yelled at cars, at the GPS, at Los Angeles, and at each other quite a bit.  But we've also helped each other, apologized to each other, and taken the wheel for each other when the other was too tired or frustrated (or scared!) to continue.  We do things we don't like because we love each other, and in doing those things, we become better people.  Soft-spoken, indecisive Justin becomes bolder and more confident; I, the fearful worrywart, become more courageous and willing to take risks.  And even though we have snapped at each other a few times, through it all it's really felt like Justin and me against the world (or at least against southern California), and that together we are accomplishing something neither of us could have attempted on our own.  We become something more than each of us is on our own.  I think that's what "becoming one" really means - we're two broken individuals who together make one pretty great person.

Justin and I are still in the beginning of our road trip and the beginning of our marriage.  The future looks a little scary, but it's also brimming with possibility and the promise of exciting new things.  We just have to hold on to each other and go forward the same way we've come this far - together.

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