Monday, June 15, 2015

Objects In Mirror Are More Real Than They Appear: A Post by Justin Hanvey (Naomi's Husband)

I asked Naomi if I could be a part of this travel blog and post my own reflections..she's awesome and said yes. This is the first of what I hope will be a few posts on this trip.

"Can I give you some brotherly advice?" Our friend asked, "Don't get caught up in tomorrow on this trip, enjoy each moment, exist in each second."

I thought of the way I like to close my eyes, see nothing at all. For a long time this has been the only way I could exist in a moment. And to be honest I'm still not there yet, not able to look and see and exist without all the thoughts and feels wrestling with my sight in my head. But I felt a moment like that today, as I stared down into Crater Lake, out over the vast blue water, so blue it looks like paint.
And that fits because honestly from my vantage point the scenery before me didn't look real. It was just too majestic, like staring at the world's largest piece of art. From one end to the other I felt as if I was standing on the outside, seeing into some secret corner of the world that man could never touch, never mar with his existence.

Oh they allow tours on the lake, and people swim there in the summer. It's touched by man, but I didn't believe it. I still am not sure if I want to believe it. It's too beautiful...too big. Too much like heaven, that uncertain question of the afterlife.

My dad would call it a Portrait of Eternity, a taste of what will be. I was seeing both real and unreal, but what I was seeing was not there, far off, up above on some clouds. People can swim in Crater Lake NOW, can touch the cold pristine blue waters of a thousands year old crater created by a massive eruption. It doesn't seem real.

Thank God for those little Clark's Nutcrackers, they're birds that live in that area, and crack open nuts with their very sharp looking beaks. They're kinda pretty birds, but their cry is more raucous than a crows. It snaps you out of whatever reverie you're in to remind you you exist again, and that you're in the real world. I'm not saying that that moment of feeling in some other world was bad, but it's good to remember Crater Lake is not in some other's in this one. And so is Heaven. Heaven is now, being created by the good and hopeful choices we make, and that's what I believe. We're not looking into some mirror, glass separating us from the truth, there is nothing darkly here. It's right before you and you can dive in deep. Just like Crater Lake, Heaven is more real than it appears, and yet so much more...real and unreal, what's there and the deeper that will be there. Crater Lake, and all the beautiful places in the world are just glimpses too of what will be, but they're glimpses you can grasp and touch and feel...and that's big. They give you an idea of what you're working for, joining with all those seeking justice and beauty.

Well I hope I took that brotherly advice well, and got something out the moment. Tomorrow I'm stepping into some other thisworld/otherworld checking out some Redwoods, and driving along the Avenue of the Giants.

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