Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 18: Read Justin's Post

Today's Distance: 242 mile
Total Distance: about 5469 miles
Today's Destinations: Wilmington Riverwalk; Virginia Beach, VA

This morning we went downtown.  Wilmington's downtown area is huge, so if you're going to go there you either need a lot more time than we had, or you need to know exactly where you want to go.  We went to the Riverwalk, which is a boardwalk down part of the Cape Fear River.

I finally found a bell! and a Christmas ornament.  We also learned that Cape Fear is named for the sailors being afraid of crashing when they first sailed into the cape, and that there was an epic pirate battle there in 1718!  You can read about it on Wikipedia or other places.

After a delicious homemade lunch, we left for Virginia Beach, which is less than 5 hours away. So it was a pretty easy drive compared to yesterday.  When we got here, it was fun to see Justin rattle away about this road leading to such-and-such a place, and that street being where his school was, and how he would bike down some street or other to get to the library.  He was really excited to be back.  I highly recommend reading the post he wrote today about it.

So we're here for a few days while we visit Williamsburg and, later, D.C.  Exciting times ahead!

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