Sunday, July 5, 2015

Days 21-22: NYC, and Homesickness Sets In

Yesterday's Distance: about 350 miles
Total Distance: about 6115 miles
Yesterday and Today's Destinations: New Jersey; New York, NY - Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yesterday morning was rough.  Fatigue and homesickness had set in, Justin wasn't feeling well, and a near incident in the parking garage put me into some kind of emotional/anxiety episode.  Between everything that happened, we realized we missed home, and started considering cutting out a few stops along the way.  I said we should wait to decide anything for certain, so we're still kind of in limbo.  But at any rate, we skipped our Pennsylvania stops, and as much as I regret not seeing the Liberty Bell and the Gettysburg memorial, I can only imagine what kind of crowds they would have on the 4th of July.  Instead we enjoyed a nice, peaceful drive through Maryland and Pennsylvania, the latter of which is quite picturesque in places.

We're staying with a friend who lives near New York.  We all went to college together, and she along with her husband (who we also went to school with) now dance, choreograph, and teach in the city. He's off in Canada at a dance intensive, but she's in town, and since today was Sunday, she was free to play tour guide.

Justin, who has already been to New York once, wasn't up to walking around today (we still have tomorrow), so my friend and I toured the city by ourselves.  It was a lot of fun!  And a LOT of walking.

I think what made me the most homesick was the fact that it was the 4th of July, which is always a family day for us.  My mom grills burgers and hot dogs, and at night we go just out to the front yard where we have a perfect view of the fireworks.  I missed that.  We did get a view of some city fireworks though - and a better view of some private fireworks that I'm not sure are legal (I know they aren't in Moses Lake, although people always set them off there too).

I'm tired again today, but it's a good tired.  I think tomorrow Justin and I will take a more leisurely walk through Central Park and if we can, visit Ground Zero.

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