I used to journal all the time.  During high school and college, I filled about 15 notebooks with my thoughts, rants, hopes, fears, and dreams.  I journaled nearly every day, and once in a while I had multiple journals going at a time.

Then I got married, and now I tell my husband all the stuff I used to write about in journals.  Turns out real human contact is a better outlet for my feelings, especially the negative ones, than a pen and paper.

I don't miss journaling, but I miss writing.  I tried keeping a  journal for Lent and found that what I wanted to write about most of the time was domestic stuff - recipes, crafts, organization projects, etc.  Those things are a lot more fun when accompanied by pictures, so I guess that's the justification for the existence of this blog.

I like reading the blogs of stay-at-home Christian moms who have all these great recipes and homemade cleaning products, can decorate their homes like professional designers using twine and a Cricut, and from what I've seen, could probably start their own photography businesses too.  I am not one of those people.  I'm still getting the hang of home economics, so some of my attempts are successful and others are not.  But I enjoy making things, and whether they work or not I'll let you know.

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